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     A B O U T  O S W A L E

Since 2000 establishment, Oswale  becomes a successful chemical company not only our innovative products’ supply, but also we unitedly work with our customers with our commitment to share our best knowledges and experiences to meet customers’ needs stepping across market challenges.

Business Area  :  Oswale's products cover a broad range of applications including tremendous segments with our strong products especially specialty chemicals for different industries.

Our People : Oswale has 25 persons in our strong teamwork with high caliber professionals setting their goals to serve customers' demand and we have continuous investments in our people ensures Oswale maintains a highly trained and qualified company with our theme policy "selling our service before goods".

Our Partners :
We join hands with our business partners which have an intergral part of our business in dimension of scientific and technical development support including international chemical companies, biotechnology companies, famous university supporting with standard laboratory like from USA, JAPAN to continuously find out new products through research to serve our customers in the market.

Mindset:  Services is our main product while chemical raw materials as by product come after.  Our delivery is arranged on time with prompt responses; moreover, the products supplied by Oswale having international standard certifications.

Because we believe that we have the same goal with our customers; therefore, we will strongly take care of them and help them to the last to reach their goals.

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